Burial & Cremation Services


Burial vaults benefit both the family of the deceased and the cemetery grounds. Over time, a casket may buckle under the weight of the ground and decay. This causes the ground above it to sink, which can be unsettling to family members visiting deceased relatives. Burial vaults help prevent this, keeping the grounds pristine for visitation.


A mausoleum is an above ground free-standing structure that have crypts or burial compartments to hold whole human remains. They're found all over the world and can vary greatly. They might house the remains of a single individual or several people. Using a mausoleum protects human remains from the elements and can save space over traditional in-ground burials because more than one set of remains can be housed in a single structure.

Cremation Burials

Cremation is the act of converting a body to ashes. It is performed in a very specific and sanitary environment using equipment that can bring the deceased to a very high temperature quickly to ensure appropriate conversion. Once the process is complete, the cremated remains can be stored in an urn, converted into jewelry, scattered in a favorite location, or interred in a cemetery (Neptune Society).

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